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Meghan Pierce –

Admitting that you need to go see a counselor is no fun.  Especially when you’re the youth pastor’s wife. Shouldn’t a pastor wife’s have it all together?  And not be struggling with depression for years!?

In the counseling meeting I learned how I needed to focus on MY WHOLE SELF.  And when I was able to focus on taking care of myself, I could then be fully present to help my husband, my children and my ministries.  I needed to take care of myself MENTALLY by being with people and learning new things.  I needed to take care of myself SPIRITUALLY by being in God’s Word and praying.  And I needed to take care of myself PHYSICALLY by getting enough sleep and being active.

Learning this sprung my life into a whole new direction.

I started to pay attention on how I was investing in myself: mentally, spiritually, and physically.  That’s when I was introduced to 21 Day Fix by my Pastor’s daughter.  Honestly, I didn’t really have the money to purchase it but I knew I just had to have it.  It was my life-line out of depression and a way I was investing in myself.

Transformation from my heaviest to my happiest.

Transformation from my heaviest to my happiest.

Not only did I find a program that helped me physically, but it also surrounded me in a community of passionate people.  I felt like I had new life flowing through me.  I was eating better, being active and was able to grow with my supportive group.  I had found something that I never wanted to let go of.

I became a coach because I wanted to help others be confident in their own skin, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Since I became a coach I’ve been able to help my friends and family reach:

pant size goals,

running goals,

stop-medication goals,

confidence goals,

healthier skin goals,

swimsuit goals,

non-prego look goals,

keeping up with kid goals,

sexy for the hubby goals,

friendship consecutiveness goals,

and also financial goals.

Because, honestly, helping people with their financial goals is apart of being a coach too.  As a youth pastor’s wife, we aren’t going to be making big money any time soon.  We are in ministry, and we’re going to stay there. But Beachbody has allowed me to stay-at-home with my kids.  I’m blown away that my job allows me to help myself, help others, and help my family.

Ah, the family photo

Ah, the family photo

Ready to start your success story?

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21 Day Fix RESULTS


21 Day Fix RESULTS


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21 Day Fix RESULTS


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