Fall 2015 Kid Activities in Kansas City

Each season I create a to-do list of actives for the whole family to do together.  This helps us make the most of the “What should we do today?” moments, and gives us a reminder of all the fun things we’ve done.

Here is our Summer 2015 list:


Summer 2015 – I just love seeing the kids artwork scribbled all over the page.

After next week we will be able to cross-off some more items and move onto our next to-do list!

I’ve already compiled the list for Fall 2015 and thought you’d like to take a look at what we hope to do during this season!

When I’m compiling my to-do list I think of events that we are already planning to do (for the Summer 2015, I knew that my kids would be in a wedding so I added that to the list).

Then I add in new adventures for us to try (for the Summer 2015, I wanted to take my kids blueberry picking for the first time).

And lastly I will add family favorite activities (roasting s’mores usually gets added on every season’s to-do list).

I still want to add more to this list, but having a hard time thinking of what else to add.

What are some things you want to do this fall?


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