The Uber Long List of Shakeology Recipes!

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Laticia W.

Laticia W. “Shakeology gave me the energy I needed to stop’bonking’ in my workouts.” “I hit rock-bottom when I went to the doctor and weighed in at 165 pounds. Then I learned that mycholesterol results were horrific. I needed to change, and FAST! So I started P90X and Shakeology at the same time and immediately starting seeing results. Like Carl, I hate veggies, but I couldn’t even taste them in Shakeology. After drinking one shake a day for the past 10 months I now have a ton more energy, I’m in a much better mood, and my self-confidence is through the roof.Shakeology is my easiest and most-nutritious meal of the day and there are SO many different recipes to try that they never get boring.”

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Louie S. “Dollar for dollar, you can’t beat the price and taste of Shakeology.” “Even though I achievedincredible results from INSANITY, I felt like something was missing—so I ordered Shakeology alongside FOCUS T25. Turns out, adding Shakeology to my diet has made all the difference in the world. After just a month of drinking Shakeology I’m sleeping like a baby, my mood/mental clarity is amazing, my digestion/regularity is excellent and consistent, my energy is through the roof, and I’m seeing even more amazing results from my workouts. Plus, I’ve lost so much weight that I no longer need my sleep apnea CPAP machine.Now I’m in the best shape of my life, no longer have a double chin, and I’m loving my 4-pack. Shakeology is helping me achieve my goals because now I’mliving a healthy lifestyle and training hard.”

Vanilla Vanilla-Shakeology-Calendar

Janice D.

Janice D. “Shakeology helped me lose 56 lbs.” “In 2008 I was in the military at my peak performance, weighing in at 135 lbs. Within a month of getting married I got pregnant and packed on 60 lbs. I lost the weight with Brazil Butt Lift, got pregnant again, gained it all back, had baby #2, and was depressed beyond belief. And that’s when I ordered Shakeology and went back to what I knew…Brazil Butt Lift. Within no time, Shakeology made me FEEL great and Brazil Butt Lift helped me LOOK great! Shakeology made my hair and nails stronger and grow longer, it significantly decreased my chronic migraines, and it curbed my bad snack choices. Now I sleep better and have so much energy. Today, Shakeology is a permanent member of our family!”

Greenberry greenberry-shakeology-recipes

Yecenia C.

Yecenia C. “Shakeology saved my life, and my Air Force career.” “No 31 year old should be 90 lbs. overweight and suffering from type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, 4 torn discs, hormonal issues, fainting spells caused by low blood pressure, and on the verge of spending life in a wheelchair—so I turned to Beachbody for help. I drank Shakeology together with doing Hip Hop Abs and the fat got blasted, my core got stronger, and I no longer endure pain in my back and legs. Then I did the Ultimate Reset to prepare my body for back surgery. And in 5 short months, I lost 76 lbs. and 14% body fat, my thyroid was back to normal, and my blood tests rocked. Shakeology fueled my body with the nutrition it needed and I’ll be grateful to its creators for the rest of my life!”

Vegan Chocolateshakeology-2

Rachael L.

Rachael L.
“I feel GREAT every day!”
“Working out and eating healthy has always been something I care about, it just wasn’t always at the top of my priority list. Then, two years ago, my mother passed way at the age of 56, and that’s when I decided to change my life and my family’s life. Today, feeling good and living life to its fullest are my biggest goals, and I can say that I’ve reached them! I love life and now have so much energy to enjoy it. I’ve learned to look at food as fuel for my workouts, not something to reward myself with. I can’t say enough about how much Shakeology does for me—I actually prefer my shake over regular food.”

Tropical Strawberry Recipe-Calendar-Tropical-Strawberry

Bob K.

Bob K.
“I weighed 280, was ‘morbidly obese,’ and had been hospitalized for 3 blood clots.”
“You would think that was my wake-up call, but it took my son telling me that I wouldn’t be around to coach my grandkids before I got serious about my health. When he told me about Shakeology and the Shakeology workouts, I had to give it a try. And boy, am I glad I did. At first, it was Shakeology and walking . . . then I upped it to Power 90 . . . and finally I tackled P90X. I lost nearly 100 lbs., ditched my cravings for sweets (no more snack cakes)—and my doctor was so impressed, he took me off my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar medications. My sleep apnea went away. My energy shot through the roof, and I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel as I continue!”

Dessert Shakeology-Dessert-2 Shakeo-Front-SEAY

Elizabeth S.

Elizabeth S.
“My doctors and I agree, Shakeology is the leading reason for my improved health.”
“In the past couple of years, I was on as many as 9 different medications for my many health issues—high blood pressure, thyroid disorder, and pre-diabetes. I knew that I needed to do something to get my body back on track with the nutrients and minerals I needed to survive, so I gave Shakeology a try. Before I knew it, I was exercising, drinking my shakes, and losing weight! My peak weight was 278 pounds. Now, my weight is hovering at 142. I used to be a size 20/22 and now I’m an 8/10. I have the courage and self-confidence to take on any challenges that come my way. And my doctor says I am in ‘picture perfect’ health. To sum it all up in one word . . . AMAZING!”







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