Spinach and Egg Bake

Whenever my beautiful friend, Kaytlynn, comes over to visit I love to experiment with new dishes. It takes a special kind of friend to endure taste testing with me!We made a dish called Baked Spinach and Egg, and we loved it!  Actually, I loved it so much I made it again for my breakfast the next day!

I love finding new recipes that incorporate more vegetables with breakfast foods. I’m already a big fan of sautéed spinach with scrambled eggs, but I love this new twist.  For the recipe, visit Abby at Manila Spoon.

Money Tip:: Instead of purchasing Feta in the cheese aisle, head over to the salad bar.  Scoop out exactly how much Feta cheese you need into a to-go box.  When you shop at the salad bar, you can get exactly what you want and purchase it by weight.  I love getting bacon bits and chopped chicken for my salads, or a side dish that only I will like (asparagus! or broccoli salad!)


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