Steel Cut Oats

Planning is the KEY to success!


My husband and I are doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme!  So of course, I sat down and planned this week’s menu!

The first time is always hard. Keep your 21DFX ‘Eating Plan’ book close and an eraser closer. I loved that the 21DFX has more recipes!  This made the process a bit easier. Don’t forget to write down page numbers on your menu for quick referencing. 


One of the suggestions in the ‘Eating Plan’ booklet was to consume your yellow containers earlier in the day. I did my best to place them at Snack 1 (my early breakfast) and lunch.  So, of course I included steel cut oats!

Steel cut oats are a healthy, and easy way to incorporate yellow container options. 

Oats and Blueberries!

I do a lot of shopping at Aldi, which is where I purchase my oats. I prefer steel cut rather than quick oats because of taste preferences (love biting into those bigger oats!). 

I use water instead of milk when making oats.

The problem with traditional steel cut oats is that it takes .s.o. .l.o.n.g. to cook. This doesn’t make for a quick breakfast option. To make my mornings easier, I cook a large batch and then store it in the refrigerator. Each day I scoop out an already cooked portion and heat it up!  Super easy and fast. 



Do you have a favorite breakfast?  Any tips on making mornings easier?


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