Energy For a Busy Day

Yesterday I had one of the busiest days I can remember. The sun was out, weather was perfect, and the calendar was full!

Like any other morning, I spent it getting the kids ready and breakfast on the table. The first thing on the agenda was to visit the Kansas City Zoo!  Some of our homeschool friends invited us to walk around the zoo, which means Field Trip Day!

Their World geography is a little off… They think Australia is located just a two minute train-ride away.

While there, I renewed my zoo pass. We love getting the Gold. It includes unlimited admission, but also free Tram and Train rides. Which is KEY when having young kids. I’m sure one of these days we’ll just ride the train all day long!  Why not!?

Being with like-minded friends is so needed. Loved seeing my kids have more time playing with their friends. And I love sharing and talking with my friends!  I’m very thankful for the people I’ve met in my Homeschool group. 

Our busy morning was followed by a much needed nap time, which then transitioned into one of the most exciting things.  We got our Chicken Coop!!!  Yes!  You heard me right!

We’ve been wanting to own chickens for a while now. (Do you remember that Facebook post of mine stating that we ate 22 eggs one day?) God has been blessing us by allowing this dream to become a reality. Friends of our gave us their wonderful coop, and friends-of-friends are giving us 9 chickens this weekend!  God answers prayers!!

LOVE this style! It has wheels too!

After that, it was time for a quick dinner and then a run with friends! I love exercising at home, but nothing beats being with friends. It was a great day for a run. Weather was a little cool, and the wind was perfect.  We went 3 miles!  Which is almost a 5k. SUCCESS!!  

Three proud and sweaty friends!


All-in-all that was one of the busiest days in a long time! My Jawbone UP24 said I did 230% of my daily step goal!

I’m super proud of my activity level!


Even at the end of the day, I still had energy. That’s unheard of for a Momma of 3!

I did try E&E for the first time, and really liked it. Could this be why I had energy all day?

Preworkout formula = lasting energy


After a busy day, here are my take-aways 

  • Life is beautiful when filled with friends
  • A body in motion, stays in motion
  • Enjoy each moment (whether easy or difficult)
  • God is always answering prayers


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