Message to Moms

I know first-hand that I neglected taking care of my own health as a new mom. I thought that being a mother was about pouring all of myself into my daughter’s well-being. Boy, way I wrong.

I drained myself, and became unable to help my daughter, my husband, or myself. I had sunken into a depression.

I’ve realized now that I need to take care of MYSELF first. As they say in the airline flight instructions, put your air mask on first then help others.

I needed to make sure that I rested, that I was eating well, that I was learning, exercising, socializing with friends, reading my Bible, and talking about my emotions.

I learned the importance of being a great example for my kids to follow.
My kids

Do you need help learning how to focus on yourself so that you can better help your family? I know I did; and glad I made a healthy change in my focus.

I’m starting a 21 Day Group focusing on taking charge of our own health. I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

—> FINE TUNED simple nutrition
—> HARD CORE intense workouts that are going to give you the best results you’ve ever seen
—> SUPER EASY color coded container system to teach you clean eating
—> EXTREME program takes you to the next level while keeping it simple.

‘Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.’


I wanted to invite you to something I’m starting on April 6th.

If you’ve every been interested in working on eating better or exercising more, this is something you’ll be interested in.

I wanted to extend this invite out to my fellow moms, because I know first hand, that’s it’s really hard to focus on your own self because you’re spending so much of your day focusing on others.  And it’s so important for us moms to take control of our eating habits, and how we spend our time, and making sure we are exercising.

The example that we set, is what our kids will look up to.  If you are interested in taking control, please fill out the form below.

Click this link to sign up to learn more!


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